GPN Technologies and VisionWeb Announce EdgePro Integration with Uprise


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Product: EdgePro-Uprise Integration
Top Line: GPN Technologies announced that its EdgePro platform will be available to users of VisionWeb’s Uprise software during fourth quarter of 2018.
Close Up: VisionWeb and GPN Technologies have collaborated on the software release which includes an automated integration with the Uprise’s practice management and EHR. The EdgePro dashboards offer high-end productivity and revenue analyses to its users. EdgePro focuses on ease-of-use, data security, HIPAA compliance, reporting true, net revenue numbers and staff sales performance statistics.
“EdgePro will offer Uprise users an important advantage in maximizing their revenue, as well as ensuring access to the best available tools for monitoring and managing their practice performance,” said GPN Technologies CEO Ed Buffington.
Uprise features a unique set of tools that provide optometrists with more flexibility in the way they work, more of the features they need embedded in the solution, and more control over the hardware that they use in their practices.
Tom Loveless, VisionWeb’s president, said, “One of the most valuable things we can provide to optometrists is insight into their practice performance. We’re delighted to partner with GPN and EdgePro to bring data to life in a meaningful way for Uprise customers.”
Vital Stats: The EdgePro integration offers Uprise users the ability to easily and quickly track over 50 Key Performance Indicators and metrics within their practice data. Since the software is fully integrated with the practice’s PMS or EHR, results are calculated automatically, and always available from the cloud-based software.
Features include an “opportunities dashboard” that returns the best prospects for maximizing revenue in several strategic areas of optical sales, the new EdgePro Rankings, detailing the performance of the practice as compared to national and regional benchmarks, and the recently-released contact lens dashboard, which tracks brand and supply-type statistics.;