Neurolens Intros Contoured Prism Lens Designed for Office Work


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Product: neurolens Office
Top Line: eyeBrain Medical, maker of neurolenses, the only prescription lenses that add a contoured prism to bring the eyes into alignment, announced today the introduction of neurolens Office. The new lens incorporates the revolutionary neurolens contoured prism design with a smooth power progression optimized for intermediate and near zones for a clear field of view, providing relief from digital eye strain.
Close Up: neurolens Office provides clarity and comfort for indoor office use, maintaining the same proprietary contoured prism as the traditional neurolens design. No adjustments or additional calculations are needed for the prescription of the neurolens Office design.
Vital Stats: “neurolens Office lenses provide a smooth power progression comfortable for all indoor distances, incorporating the office design with our proprietary contoured prism provides patients relief where they are impacted the most, in the office and at the computer,” neurolens COO Danny Perales said.