Product: Unity Via II portfolio
Top Line: VSP Optics is introducing Unity Via II progressive lenses, a new product line that builds upon the success of Unity Via designs.
Close Up: The new suite of everyday progressives is enhanced for today’s demanding visual needs, with larger reading and intermediate fields for added visual comfort when working on digital devices. The wider, sharper fields enhance acuity and comfort, enabling patients to easily adapt to the lenses and see their best at all distances. 
“We’ve made a commitment to continually innovate our lens designs to meet the ever-evolving visual needs of progressive wearers, while making it easier for eyecare professionals to fit their patients,” said Randy Dannewitz, senior vice president of strategic development for VSP Optics. “Incorporating several new technologies, Unity Via II Progressive Lenses are the latest example of our work to offer advanced, high-performing products that provide patients with the best vision experience possible.”
Vital Stats: The enhanced portfolio is referenced as follows: Unity Via Elite II, Unity Via Plus II, Unity Via Wrap II, Unity Via Mobile II, and Unity Via II. Unity Via II Progressive lenses are available to order now from VSPOne Technology Centers and authorized distributor laboratories.