Product: PhotoFusion X
Top Line: Zeiss Vision Care will debut the company’s latest generation of photochromic lenses, PhotoFusion X, at Vision Expo East 2022 in New York. Zeiss’ latest product offers customers improved speed-to-clear together with comprehensive UV and blue light protection both indoors and outdoors.
Close Up: Zeiss PhotoFusion X lenses use a completely new patented Photokinetic dye compound, which significantly speeds up the activation when outdoors and the fade-back to clear when coming indoors. PhotoFusion X lenses contain billions of compounds, which change shape and orientation depending on stimulation from the lighting and environmental conditions, resulting in lenses that darken and clear faster than the previous generation of Zeiss PhotoFusion.
Vital Stats: Zeiss notes that the continued advancement of digital technology has caused a rapid increase in screen usage, with over 85 percent of Americans saying they go online daily, leading to concern about the impact digital blue light has on overall eye health. PhotoFusion X lenses are developed with Zeiss BlueGuard as a substrate, providing advanced protection against 40 percent of potentially harmful blue light from digital devices. With the added photochromic treatment, protection increases to up to 50 percent indoors and up to 94 percent outdoors when fully tinted. This represents 30 percent more indoor blue light protection than today’s most common photochromic. Furthermore, Zeiss PhotoFusion X lenses also block up to 100 percent of UV radiation, both indoors and out.
“Zeiss PhotoFusion X lenses have raised the bar in photochromic performance, especially in the areas of speed and blue light protection,” said Jens Boy, president of Zeiss Vision Care North America. “We are thrilled to offer photochromic lenses to eyeglass wearers that will set a new industry standard for protection against UV and blue light which can negatively impact vision over time.”