ClearVision Announces Launch of Revo Specialty Glass Anniversary Collection

Quick Take: ClearVision and Revo have announced the launch of six new sun styles as part of an all-glass collection to celebrate Revo’s 35th anniversary this year.
Specifics: New styles from the ‘1985 Glass Lens Collection’ feature polarized crystal glass lenses which are scratch-resistant and 20 percent lighter than traditional glass lenses. Revo’s signature and proprietary Light Management System technology is gives wearers management of the full spectrum of light including harmful blue light and HEV light. Each glass lens has been ground and polished to the same standard as the lenses used in today’s most advanced cameras, providing visual clarity. The collection also introduces two new lens colors: Revo Blue and Smoky Green, both of which block 100 percent of UVA, UVB and UVC light while also safeguarding from blue light. The six new styles range from 80s retro-inspired frames with unique metal detailing to a classic sport wraps. Each frame will come in special Revo 1985 packaging.
Selling Point: Cliff Robinson, Revo’s CEO, said, “We’re thrilled about the release of the 1985 collection. It is a homage to the sunglass that changed the eyewear industry forever when Revo launched in 1985. Glass is back and better than ever.”