Quick Take: Revo, from ClearVision, has launched Revo Sonic, audio sunglasses that let wearers field phone calls, listen to music and monitor workouts. 
Specifics: Revo Sonic combines Bluetooth audio technology with Revo’s NASA polarized lenses, as well as RevoWhisper technology, which cancels out ambient noise and enhances speech during phone calls. The Revo Sonic mobile app also allows users to monitor fitness programs. Wearers use easy-to-access touch controls to switch between audio sources. Revo Sonic can be ordered with Revo Rx prescription as well.
Selling Point: Cliff Robinson, Revo CEO, said, “I am always on the go. Running, biking, tennis, skiing, and always walking….  And I like to talk with friends or take work calls or listen to music while on the go. I have been testing Sonic for well over a year now.  It’s so liberating to talk or listen to music or podcasts without worrying about those annoying earbuds, and with our unrivaled battery life it means I can use my Sonic all day without worrying about charging. Best of all, it all comes with our best-in-class lenses and all the Revo craftsmanship and quality you expect. They’re lightweight, durable, and I love that they are waterproof to sweat and rain.”