Product: Atlas Duo and Atlas Global
Top Line: Optical technology specialist, Eyoto, has launched a novel breaking approach to ophthalmic lens inspection that delivers quality control efficiency, accuracy and traceability for optical labs, while also providing valuable data to assist lab management. The unique Atlas platform rapidly and accurately inspects every job against critical prescriptive measurements as supplied by the LMS.  These results are then checked to ensure they comply with local, or personalized, standards and tolerances, while also checking for surface defects and mapping the power across the entire lens.
Close Up: Atlas Global (top) checks uncut semi-finished and finished lenses up to 80mm diameter at any point in the production process, saving time and money by identifying defects before further processing. Atlas Duo (bottom) is the only system available that provides simultaneous dual inspection of a fully glazed pair of spectacles. Both are the only lens inspection systems that map the entire surface of the lens, edge to edge, and used together, they provide a full end to end quality assurance tool. 
Sitting behind each Atlas machine is a customer-specific cloud portal, to which the results of every inspection are uploaded for full quality assurance analysis. Lenses are compared with the data held in the lens management system file and, based on the tolerances set, the system will provide a clear ‘go’ or ‘no go’ for every job, along with the rationale behind every decision. While not part of the pass/fail decision, UV and blue light attenuation can also be available.
Simple to operate, Atlas is fully scalable from single machines to banks of multiple machines. A bank of three or four Atlas machines, operated by just one person, will provide enough capacity to check in excess of 1,250 jobs a day. 
Data from the cloud-portal is available from any internet connected device and the system is also scalable to suit any business, from a single lab to a multi-national business with sites across the world. The sophisticated analytics enable review of the overall production and quality management process at any time, and labs can also evidence high quality standards in their production by sharing measurement results with customers.
Eyoto CEO Paul Clapton said, “We have designed the Atlas system to tackle the quality control process challenges faced by optical labs around the world. It makes the inspection process more efficient and accurate; it improves operating margins and removes the chance of subjective decision-making or variation between operatives, which can result in returns from customers and loss of trust. Atlas is also a valuable lab management tool as the advanced analytics can quickly pinpoint, for example, the location of any defective lens production processes.”
Vital Stats: Both Atlas Global and Atlas Duo comply with ISO Standards, and its regional variations, and are already being successfully used in a range of labs, from small independents to large high volume national production facilities.;; +44 (0) 121 7521770