Quantum Introduces Padlock Anti-Slip Edging Solution


Product: Quantum Innovations’ Padlock
Top line: Quantum Innovations, a supplier of anti-reflective coating solutions and ophthalmic equipment, is introducing a new solution to a pervasive problem in AR labs. Their Padlock anti-slip device enhances adhesion of blocking pads to lenses, reducing slippage and ensuring axis accuracy when edging lenses coated with superhydrophobic.
Close up: Quantum’s Padlock is a simple, hands off alternative to complicated and expensive measures to reduce slippage and waste in the lab. The table-top device is created to be easy to operate—in 30 seconds, Padlock creates a “roughing” effect to the surface of the lens, maintaining the superhydrophobic nature of the coating while allowing pads to adhere more readily to the surface of the lens. After edging is complete, wiping the lens with a clean cloth restores full superhydrophobicity to the lens surface.
Vital Stats: The Padlock is offered in multiple configurations: a single lens model or one which operates with two lenses at a time. Lenses are complete and ready to be edged in 30-90 seconds.