Satisloh’s New Lens Engraving Excimer Technology


Product: Lens-Engraver-EC
Top Line: Lens-Engraver-EC, an innovative laser solution, engraves semi-visible markings on all lens materials. The unit features “unique marking flexibility and premium engraving quality,” according to Satisloh.
Close Up:
• Excimer laser with 193 nm wavelength, engraves premium quality markings on all organic and mineral glass lens materials
• Fully automatic process control and stability ensure repeatable results
• Advanced laser causes no thermal stress, micro-cracks or coating delamination
• Short engraving times—less than three seconds per design
• Outstanding lens marking on tinted lenses
• Can easily be intergrade into existing LMS systems
• Modular replacement parts for easy servicing and minimized downtime
• Manual loading or automated loading with conveyor system
• Easily integrated into any production environment
• Options: manual or automatic loading; conveyor height and direction; branding possibility
Vital Stats:
Laser: excimer laser 193 nm
Marking field: 100 mm x 10 mm; focus depth ±0.5 mm
Productivity: Up to 180 lenses/hour (automated version) (262) 255-6001