Product: Premium Prism Eyewear
Top Line: Eschenbach’s Premium Prism Eyewear provides a high-quality, hands-free magnification solution for patients with near task goals where powers higher than reading glasses are needed. With prism incorporated into the lenses, patients can focus on near objects closely without dealing with any convergence insufficiency issues.
The eyewear features premium lenses with AR coating to increase light transmission and provide a clear image edge-to-edge.
Close Up: There are two comfortable frame styles from which to choose: a large frame and a small frame, each available in four powers: +4Dw/6D ΔIN, +6Dw/8D ΔIN, +8Dw/10D ΔIN, +10Dw/12D ΔIN.
Vital Stats: The Premium Prism Eyewear frames each feature spring-hinge temples that allow for a comfortable fit and come with a hard shell case for storage.