Product: Durashield UV-Premium Plus Coating
Top Line: Genesis Technologies, a subsidiary of Solaris Chemical Coatings, a fifty-year-old chemical and coating manufacturer, is introducing into North America Durashield UV-Premium Plus scratch resistant coating. The coating has previously only been available in South America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
Close Up: Durashield UV-Premium Plus has been tested by industry testing companies, by several lens manufacturers, and lens coatings and chemical manufacturers. With excellent adhesion to all lens materials including all the super high-index monomers, it is very well suited for tinting, and is highly compatible with AR coating, according to Genesis Technologies. The company reports that Durashield UV-Premium Plus outperforms other coatings in Bayer and tumble tests directly after UV curing and increases in performance overnight.
Vital Stats: Durashield UV-Premium Plus can be used in all UV coaters including the Ultra Optics MR 3, Mini 2, OTB, 44-R, the Coburn Simplicity and Velocity and Velocity Automated unit, the Schneider coater, EZCoat and FastCoat machines and Satisloh coaters.
For more information, or to order, contact Genesis Technologies regional sales reps, or contact the company directly at;; (817) 491-4777 or (972) 322-7110