Hilco Intros Anti-Fog Lens Wipes

Product: OptiPlus+ Anti-fog Wipes
Top Line: Hilco Vision is introducing OptiPlus+ Anti-fog Wipes, which it says are “the perfect solution to lenses fogging up, especially while wearing face masks.” OptiPlus+ Anti-fog Wipes let eyeglass wearers see clearly at their doctor’s office, shopping, home or in the workplace, driving, doing inside/outside activities and more.
Close Up:
• Convenient single towelette application that’s a combination lens cleaner and anti-fog treatment all in one
• Works with all lens types, including AR coated lenses
• Safe and effective for all lens materials and coatings
• A necessity for occupational safety, sports eyewear, healthcare goggles and shield
• 3rd party tested and awarded COLTS Performance Seal.
Vital Stats: Available in 100 ct. box; 60 ct. box; 30 ct. box
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