Product: Sentinel Atlas
Top Line: Quantum Innovations, an independent leader in thin film technology, is introducing Sentinel Atlas, which combines Quantum’s Sentinel anti-reflective coating with their proprietary scratch- and smudge-resistant technology. It is Quantum’s most advanced ophthalmic lens treatment to date.
Close Up: Recommended by Quantum for everyday wear, Sentinel Atlas resists the scratches and smudges inherent to the rigors of an active lifestyle. “We’ve run all of the top industry tests to mimic heavy-use scenarios,” reported Quantum founder and president Norm Kester. “The results are in. The Sentinel Atlas is up to 40 percent more scratch resistant than other premium AR coatings.”
Vital Stats:
• Super hydrophobic coating helps resist smudges, making glasses easy to clean
• Super scratch resistant: a proprietary adhesion technology creates a more compact and dense film able to withstand the rigors of everyday use
• Reduced backside UV reflection for optimal clarity; (888) 268-3414