Product: MyEuclid
Top Line: Euclid Systems Corp., a global leader in advanced orthokeratology and proactive myopia management, announced the initial launch of MyEuclid, a new interactive, web-based customer portal to help drive practice efficiency and optimize Euclid Ortho-K fits.
Close Up: Fit flexibility, data-driven algorithms for precise curve selection and optic zone optimization, and expert order verification, are among MyEuclid’s key features. Easy topography uploads and real-time order tracking round out the list of attributes made available in this cutting-edge system. The interactive platform has an easy-to-use interface that works with Euclid’s simple three-factor fitting and boasts an ‘advance mode’ for additional practitioner modifications.
“MyEuclid offers eyecare providers with an interactive and intuitive real-time solution for ordering and tracking Euclid orders. This cloud-based platform is a prime example of Euclid’s commitment to providing innovative solutions, and unparalleled support to each of our customers,” said Euclid Systems president and CEO, Joseph Boorady.
Vital Stats: MyEuclid’s easy-to-use, guided platform was designed for every fitter from novice to expert. The system reinforces Euclid’s position as a customer-centric organization. The cloud-based platform’s data-driven algorithms are derived from 25 years of experience with Euclid’s advanced ortho-K lens designs, worldwide. MyEuclid utilizes this extensive dataset to facilitate system-generated recommendations to obtain the proper fit.
A full launch of MyEuclid to U.S. customers is planned for March 2022.