Top Line: Eversight a full-service eye and vision research partner, has announced a four-year partnership with LighTopTech, a pioneer in advanced optical imaging technology to improve state-of-the-art imaging modalities for eye tissues in both clinical and research settings.
Specifics: Eversight will integrate LighTopTech's dual modality OCX system, combining optical coherence tomography with optical coherence microscopy, into its research and development initiatives. The advanced optical coherence technology offers unparalleled capabilities and has the potential to become a single imaging modality for detailed corneal tissue analysis. 
“The OCX system represents a significant advancement in ocular imaging technology, and we are confident in its potential to improve clinical precision and support vision research,” said Onkar B. Sawant, PhD, vice president of research & development at Eversight. “We are pleased to collaborate with LighTopTech to innovate in the field of ophthalmic imaging and advance vision science to prevent, treat and cure blinding eye conditions.”
Vital Stats: The integration of the state-of-the-art OCX imaging system will enhance corneal tissue evaluations in Eversight’s eye bank operations, confirming that tissue processing meets surgeons' specifications for various cornea surgeries and detecting anomalies that may render the tissue unsuitable for transplantation. Eversight will provide data to LighTopTech to inform OCX software development that could also automate endothelial cell counting, a critical metric for eye banks, among other eye tissue measurements. The partnership is bolstered by a generous grant from the Michigan Foundation for Vision Awareness. It underscores the critical support for innovative research in eyecare, Eversight told VMAIL, adding the funding is instrumental in the acquisition and implementation of the OCX system, advancing their shared vision of one day seeing a world without blindness.