Frames Data Adds ‘Wish List’ Feature to My Frame Gallery


Product: Wish List feature for Frames Data’s My Frame Gallery
Top Line: Frames Data is adding several new features to its My Frame Gallery product, including a "Wish List" feature, as well as design upgrades and a reporting package to be launched in coming weeks. Frames Data will demonstrate the new Wish List feature this week at Vision Expo.
Close Up: The My Frame Gallery product, which was first launched last fall at Vision Expo West 2017, allows optical retailers to create an online product gallery that is customized with their logo, hours, and frame selections. These galleries, which may often reflect the actual frame selection carried by the retailer, are populated with products from the comprehensive data and image resources of Frames Data. They can then be added to websites for patients to browse from the comfort of home, or used in-store with patients as a sales tool. My Frame Gallery also includes a virtual try-on feature in partnership with FittingBox.
“The Wish List takes patient engagement to the next level,” said Jane George, Frames Data’s Product Manager. “This is a huge opportunity for independent retailers to take an omnichannel approach to their businesses. Most shoppers expect to be able to browse for products online and to then have a similar in-store experience. This product makes that possible for optical practices, and the wish list integrates that online browsing experience with in-store service even further. It creates a customer experience that from online to in-store is connected and seamless.”
Vital Stats: The new Wish List functionality creates opportunities for increased patient communications around frame selection, as well as possibilities of a more streamlined patient experience. Visitors to the retailer’s website will be able to browse frames and add the products they are interested in trying-on in person to the Wish List. The Wish List is then emailed to the retailer in advance of an appointment.
“The Wish List gets the patient/provider conversation about frame selection started even before the appointment, and provides a new way to engender loyalty in that patient,” said George. “It’s also an opportunity to understand the patient’s preferences up front. If you know in advance which frame styles they are interested in, you can have those frames at the ready, and even suggest others based on the wish list provided. That’s a huge improvement to the customer experience.”
The Wish List also provides insight into what the retailer’s customer base is interested in. “As you have more wish lists submitted, you can start to get a very clear picture of what appeals to your customers,” George noted. She added that Frames Data plans to expand on the insights provided with a reporting package available to users in coming weeks.