New Metrics Dashboard for Frames Data's My Frame Gallery


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Product: New metrics dashboard for My Frame Gallery
Top Line: Frames Data is introducing a new metrics dashboard for users of My Frame Gallery, its product that allows eyecare practices to create a virtual frame board or “gallery.”
Close Up: The gallery that is generated can then be added to the practice’s website as well as used in-store to find additional size and color options for patients.
The new dashboard simply takes what was a manual process of emailing a report and moves it to the web. My Frame Gallery users can then view a standard package of statistics, including:
• number of sessions
• pages viewed
• top brands viewed
• top brands searched for
and more.
Vital Stats: Since the reports are now web-based, instead of static monthly reports as a pdf, the user can choose which month to view in the interface.
For more information or to see a demo, visit or call 1-800-821-6069 ext 3.