LONDON—The U.K.’s Stylight, which groups fashion from 100 online shops in one place, has gathered nine obscure facts about John Lennon’s eyeglasses that even those in the optical community may not be aware of. Also known as Windsor or Teashade or even granny glasses, the round glasses that have also been popularized by 19 other celebrities listed in this infographic (how many can you name?) have become nearly as iconic as the musician/activist/artist himself. Check out this infographic about John Lennon’s glasses to find out the value placed on some remaining pairs, why the lenses were removed after he died, how Yoko Ono used them to make a political statement on the 44th anniversary of their marriage, why orange was his favorite color for lenses, and so much more...even why Number 9 is a very important number to John Lennon.