A Look at Americans’ 2020 Resolutions

NEW YORK—For many people, a new year—and in this case, a new decade—means new resolutions. This year, a survey by Ipsos for Urban Plates, reported in Statista, took a look at Americans’ top resolutions for 2020, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, most of them involve taking up healthy habits: for their bodies, minds, and the planet.

According to Statista, out of the survey of 2,011 U.S. adults conducted from Nov. 12-14 2019, 51 percent of participants resolved to manage their finances better in 2020. Eating healthier was equally as popular, also clocking in at 51 percent. Just slightly behind, 50 percent of participants wanted to be more active, and 42 percent wanted to lose weight. 38 percent of those surveyed want to improve their mental well being in 2020, and 30 percent hope to improve their social connections. Finally, 22 percent want to learn a new skill, and the same amount of respondents are hoping to be more eco-friendly this year.

These resolutions probably aren’t surprising. Still, they’re encouraging: most of all, Americans want to improve things next year: their minds, their overall health, and the world we all live in.