If you played contact sports growing up, there’s a chance you’ve experienced or had a close call with a concussion. The Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Ice Hockey Research Team (well, it is in Minnesota) released a study that could change the way the game is played. Dr. Michael Stuart, co-director of Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine said “these are real problems that require real solutions. We’re proposing ways to better diagnose concussion. We are doing research looking at objective measures so we don’t let athletes go back to play and put themselves at added risk when they’ve had a traumatic brain injury.” Too often, according to experts, concussions go untreated, mainly because they may not always result in a loss of consciousness. It’s unclear if some of these recommendations would be enforced, but at one point it wasn’t required for players 18 and older to wear helmets. Click here to read the story from KTTC.