20/20 Europe: An Interview With neubau Eyewear Designer Daniel Liktor


neubau was launched in June 2016, founding itself on the long- standing heritage and inspiration of the Viennese creative district Neubau. Every frame in the portfolio is created to combine high standards of quality with dynamic progress in terms of technology and design. Daniel Liktor, global brand director is one of the young creative “founders” of the sustainable eyewear label. “I have always been a glasses lover, but I’d never worked with frames before I joined neubau. I have a marketing background and I have been working for 10 years in product and brand management at Mercedes-Benz/smart and Red Bull. Besides my love for glasses, brands and marketing I am a passionate cook; I have been constantly working in bars and restaurants for almost two decades, my Dad is a chef and was running his own place—I have it in my genes.” Read More