20/20 Europe: Taking Another Look at Gender Neutral Eyewear


Gender fluid, genderless, gender neutral, no gender: just some of the words which define a relatively new concept that has been storming the fashion world. Not everybody remembers that it isn’t a new concept though, a trend that goes back to the 80s when Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel introduced the suit and men’s tailoring for women too. From unisex collections to mixed men’s and women’s catwalk shows, the fashion industry is experiencing a revolution. So now that we’re not bound by gender, a whole array of new eyewear options have opened up. Retro infused, small, oval and round glasses and sunglasses are a strong eyewear trend at the moment and also happen to be a gender neutral style (remember John Lennon and Yoko Ono wearing the same rounded sunnies?). Read More