LAS VEGAS—Owners and executives from both large and small labs, addressed concerns, opportunities and the effects of emerging technology at The Modern Lab – Propelling Optical’s Smart Lab Era, hosted by Vision Monday and LabTalk. The program, based on VM’s Modern Lab editorial series, was kicked off by Andrew Karp, Jobson’s lens and technology editor. He began with an overview of recent trends that are reshaping the labscape. “The consolidation wave of the past two decades is over, and we see a new wave of start-ups,” said Karp. A panel discussion followed, featuring Swen Carlson, vice president of operations for VSP Optics and chair of The Vision Council’s Lab Division; Keith Grossman, co-owner of Simplify Optics; Scott Pearl, managing director of ABB Optical Group’s Digital Eye Lab Network; and Bryan Schueler, vice president and general manager of Walman’s ophthalmic lab division. Read More.