Review of Ophthalmology: The Pros and Cons of OCTA in Glaucoma

As David Huang, MD, PhD, celebrates the 30th birthday of the technological brainchild he helped create—optical coherence tomography—he’s also pleased with the progress of its 6-year-old sibling, OCT angiography, which is coming of age in retinal care and blazing a trail of baby steps in the glaucoma space. “It’s intriguing,” says Dr. Huang, a professor of ophthalmology at the Oregon Health & Sciences University in Portland. Also a professor of biomedical engineering at the OHSU School of Medicine, Dr. Huang pauses before reflecting further on the potential for helping his colleagues use this emerging erythrocyte-counting scanning modality to diagnose glaucoma and monitor progression. “We still have a fair amount of progress to make on this, but it’s already giving us meaningful new parameters to observe and measure for our glaucoma patients.” Read More