With the New Year comes hope, fresh beginnings, and a mountain of resolutions. For many Americans, the New Year marks an excellent time to make a marked improvement in their lives, and each year, millions resolve to transform their bodies, minds and environments, hoping to look back, 365 days later, and feel proud of how far they’ve come. 2019 is no different, according to Inc., who compiled a list of Americans’ 10 most popular resolutions for the coming year.

Healthy eating topped the list this year, followed closely by exercising more and losing weight. But Americans also want to save money, pick up new hobbies, read, change their careers, give up vices, and spend more time with their loved ones in 2019. And although these resolutions run the gamut, they all have one thing in common: this year’s top resolutions seem positive, aiming for a healthier, happier, more grateful 2019. That’s something we can all take to heart.

Take a look at the chart from Statista to see a breakdown of Inc.’s research.