NEW YORK—February is the month of love. It’s everywhere we look: in movies, music, books and sold to us in every store we enter. We know exactly how to treat our loved ones on Valentine’s Day, be it taking them out on a nice date, cooking them dinner, or buying them the perfect gift—but all too often we forget to treat ourselves with love and kindness, too.

This February, while we’re loving on those most important to us, it’s crucial to tend to our own needs as well. And recently, nearly 80 percent of responders to a Women In Optometry survey revealed that they’d like to take more time for themselves in 2019.

Taking more time out to tend to our own needs is a great way to make 2019 a little lighter than 2018, and there’s no better month to start than February. Take a look at the survey results below to see the ways women ODs are treating themselves in 2019, and maybe take some ideas to heart this Valentine’s Day.