Framing a New Year’s Resolution

NEW YORK—Resolutions are a particularly personal thing—often, we start the New Year off striving to improve our lives or ourselves in ways we might not want to share with others just yet, and it feels better to keep those things private. At the same time, however, some resolutions are better off shared: for example, it might be easier to get fit alongside a gym buddy, while sharing a resolution to read more books could lead to some amazing must-read recommendations. This year, I’m keeping quite a few resolutions close to my chest, but there is one I want to share.

This year, I’ve resolved to actually enjoy getting dressed again. Every day. In college, fashion was, as they say, my passion. I lived and breathed it. I wrote about it. I thought about it when I wasn’t writing about it. I had perhaps an unhealthy shopping habit, and I regularly styled outfits in my free time between classes, all while running a popular celebrity fashion blog. But at some point between graduation and moving into “the real world,” that passion died down. There are a multitude of reasons for it, but those reasons are unimportant right now—what is important is my resolution to fall back in love with fashion.

There are countless aspects of fashion that make it so incredible, but my favorite (and this will probably come as no surprise) has always been accessorizing. In fact, I could probably wear the exact same outfit every day—some kind of black jean and black sweater—and only change the accessories, and I would be perfectly happy and in love with my look. And, of course, eyewear is the perfect accessory to invest in and style a look around. There’s no easier, yet more impactful, way to make a statement or shake things up than with a new pair of frames.
So, to help me with my New Year’s resolution, and because it’s relevant and fun, I want to take a look at what could be some of 2019’s biggest trends in eyewear. Picking up just one or two of these new trends could completely elevate any look—we all know that there are few better feelings than strutting through the streets in a new pair of frames.

1. Bright Frames

Let’s face it, cold, dark days and long nights can take a toll on even the sunniest personalities, so injecting a little light into life is a necessity in the winter. Brightly colored frames have been working their way into the top trends for a while now, and there’s no better time than now to kick off the New Year on a bright foot. And you don’t have to look too hard, either, because bright colors are all the rage right now.

Bring some color to the winter weather with these showstoppers from Retrosuperfuture.

2. Surprising Shapes
New year, new you: shake things up a little. Your classic round and square shaped frames will always look good on you, so why not try something new in 2019? It seems like surprising, non-traditional shapes are everywhere this year, and they make for an amazing conversation starter too. New frames and new friends? That’s a win-win for sure.

Try a new take on the classic cat eye with these Mykita GAPI frames.

3. Heavy Metal
Metal frames seem to be making a comeback these days, and with good reason. They add a little edge to every look, but are perfectly dainty in their own way. If the bright frame trend isn’t for you, try out some metal frames instead—just as cool, but a totally different look.

Go for the gold with these round Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses from Luxottica.

4. Throw It Back
Nope, we’re not done reminiscing on the 90s yet! Or the 80s, for that matter. Plenty of frames in this year’s collections would have been perfectly at home on the set of a 90s sitcom, and that’s what makes them so great. Plus, the 90s cat eye is a classic, and it’s flattering on just about every face shape.

The cat eye shape and a classic 90s color come together in these KOMONO frames.

5. Supersize
While the 90s trend is here to stay, those love ‘em or hate ‘em tiny frames might be on their way out. Giant frames—some boxy, some round, some extended cat eyes—are everywhere this season, and are guaranteed to flatter just about everyone who tries them on.

These oversized, colorful Marni frames from Marchon combine two trends in one.

With so many exciting eyewear options for 2019, I have a pretty good feeling about my resolution. This year, I hope everyone finds one more pair of frames that make them excited to get dressed each morning.