The Ultimate Guide for a SPEC-tacular Fourth of July


AMERICA—The Fourth of July is just a few days away, and that means it’s time to get ready for the biggest birthday celebration in the country. From a day at the beach or a backyard barbeque to ending the night with fireworks, there are many different ways for people to come together to commemorate Independence Day.

But for us in the industry, we have to bring a little ‘opti-flair’ to the day’s celebrations. Here are some fun ways to make the Fourth of July a little more SPEC-tacular.

Heading to a Fourth of July picnic and want to bring a sweet opti-themed treat? Well, these sunglass cookies are just the thing for you. We know National Sunglasses Day is over, and these don’t actually protect us from harmful UV Rays, but they definitely help keep our sweet tooth at bay. They actually look so good, you almost don’t want to eat them. I said almost. Head over to for step-by-step instructions on how to whip up these sweet treats.

A+ Apron

Whether you’re into cooking, baking or grilling the last thing anyone wants is a stain on their red, white and blue outfit. Don’t worry—we’re here to save the day and your clothes with this eyeglass apron. While you might not always be calm, cool and collected when cooking, you’ll still look great doing it. You can find this spexy apron by Northern Whimsy here.

Ice Ice Baby

It’s finally summer and the temperatures sure are heating up. The best way to stay cool is to stay hydrated of course. But we’ve found a way to make a refreshing beverage even better with these eyeglass ice trays from Kikkerland. Fill them up, pop them in the freezer and add them to your beverage of choice.

My Name Is…

If you’re hosting an event this year instead of hitting up the party circuit, these personalized retro sunglass place cards are a fun way to add a bit of opti-décor to your picnic, barbeque or dinner. You can take a look at all the ways to customize them to fit your event here.