A Different Angle


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WHO: For those who want to shake it up, those who see the world from every angle, and those hoping to elevate the classics.

WHAT: Geometric frames with unexpected angles and points that transform basic shapes into something sharp—literally and figuratively.

WEAR: (Top to Bottom): From Thelios’ Loewe, style LW50013U is sharp at every angle—from its bold, hard-stop front to the 90 degree drop at its endpieces. From Karen Walker, the Virginia features a geometric twist drastic in height and optimistic in silhouette, creating an oversized frame that is also perfectly overstated. From Kenmark’s Paradigm, style 19-06 sharpens up the classic aviator, using the semi-rimmed trend to bring unexpected angles to one of eyewear’s favorite shapes. From Mondottica’s Sandro, style SD 4007 is a perfect hexagon—a circular frame’s younger, edgier cousin. Safilo’s Tommy Hilfiger TH 1676/G/S brings the trend to sunwear, using a straight browbar to emphasize its sharp, angled, metallic sides. Finally, from Marcolin’s Guess, style GU3042 subverts expectations by contrasting its razor-sharp, geometric top with its rounded, subdued lower half.

WHY: Classic shapes are anything but square when you spice them up this way. Adding unexpected angles, points, and corners can take a frame from “overlooked” to “can’t stop looking” in seconds. These sharp, surprising angles take classic designs and inject just the right amount of excitement for wearers who want to step outside of their usual box.