Download a PDF of Build a Bridge.

WHO: For those who command attention, love thinking outside the box, and always keep things together.

WHAT: Frames with unusual bridge or double bar construction that bring an extra layer of intrigue to otherwise classic frames.

WEAR: (Top to Bottom) From Revo’s REVO x JEEP collection, sun style Desert features a double bridge design inspired by the iconic Jeep SUV bumper, almost like a special shout-out for and secret message to car lovers everywhere. From Luxottica’s Giorgio Armani, sun style 6118 shows off a unique double bridge in the shape of an A—for Armani, of course. From Morel’s Knurl concept, style 10136O is a double bar pantos frame with a textured double bar construction that echoes a bridge but sits slightly above the standard placement, creating negative space and intrigue that demands a second look. Finally, from Charmant’s Isaac Mizrahi style 30266 is a classic aviator with a dramatically curved double bridge that connects on the outside of the frame front rather than the inside, making the chrome bridge the center of attention on the vintage, blue frames.

WHY: The bridge of a frame is front and center, so, naturally, adding intrigue and drama to the area allows a frame to stand out from the crowd—and, in some cases, send messages about branding. A unique bridge gives a frame a whole new lease on life.