TC Charton

Built for fit but styles for fashion, TC Charton has been focusing on crafting beautiful Asian fit eyewear since 2009. Each style is inspired and named after a real person with a specific fitting need. TC Charton is a vast collection with over 150 styles that includes women, men, kids, and sunglasses.

MSRP is $185 to $425.


Dr. Chinn’s Vision Care

San Diego, Calif.
Jennifer Chinn, OD

“The collection has three different types of ‘Asian-Fit’ nose bridges because not all flat noses are the same; some are wider than others, some are more flat, and some people have more prominent cheeks.”

What are you selling?
We brought in a new brand TC Charton after Vision Expo East, and it has been doing really well for us. TC Charton is specially designed for the “Asian-fit” nose bridges. The designer Alexandra Peng knew that there was a need in the industry to improve the fit and comfort of frames for Asians.

Who’s buying it?
With a large majority of our patients being Asian, we love being able to provide them options when it comes to their frames, and better yet, options that are comfortable and look great. We’re so happy to have found her collection.

Why do they like it?
Alexandra has been in the optical/frame industry for many years and understood that a good fitting frame is important for a successful fit and happy patient. She also knew that a high percentage of Asians have higher prescriptions. With these two main aspects in mind, she designed an entire collection of stylish and fun frames.

Website: www.drchinnsvisioncare.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/drchinnoptom
Instagram: @drchinnoptom

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