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WHO: For those who welcome warmer weather with open arms, look for budding flowers on long walks and cherish longer days in the sun.

WHAT: Pastels for Spring and Summer that feel light, airy and carefree.

WEAR: (Top to Bottom): From Kenmark’s Paradigm Eyewear, style 20-04 offers an airy, oversized look in a powder blue to match the summer sky. From Morel, Camelia gives off a carefree shimmer reminiscent of a refreshing pool on a summer’s day. Thelios’ Celine presents a summer staple in style CL40131—a bold shape and a fresh, springtime shade. From WestGroupe’s Fysh, style F-3654 is presented in a subtle ombré effect that echoes a pink summer sunset. From The McGee Group’s Vera Bradley, Tavia in the Garden Grove print offers a refreshing crystal pastel along the front and a hidden floral print at the temples for added springtime joy.

WHY: As we transition from Spring into Summer, pink and blue pastels are fun, fresh, and adaptable to everyone’s style. From flower petals to rushing rivers to sunsets and daytime skies, pinks and blues are everywhere in nature this time of year—and there’s no better way to celebrate the changing of the seasons than to incorporate them into our eyewear as well.