Joanne Sze, President

Joanne has been in the optical industry for three years. She decided to venture into the optical business with the mindset of providing quality, unique products. “I was introduced to this industry by my life partner who is passionate about eyecare. As an art major I have an appreciation for fine craftsmanship and unique designs,” Sze said. “It has been such an amazing journey discovering independent eyewear, and I am excited to discover more; bringing exclusive designers back to our clients in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.”

She owns 4 pairs of spectacles and 8 pairs of sunglasses.

FRAMES / Safarro
LENSES / Hoya Active BKS in Transitions Brown with the EX3 Recharge coating

“I love wearing this frame because it is a unique shape, and I particularly love the thicker metal gold sides. My anti-fatigue lens design relaxes my eyes for my everyday lifestyle, as I am always on the go and spend countless working hours in front of media devices. I absolutely love the Trivex material as I am rough with my glasses.”


Michael Tran, Licensed Optician

Michael has been in the optical industry for over 20 years and started out by working part time as a young student. “My goal was always perfecting an art, and eyecare is a practical combination of art and science. It allows me to be creative and do precise, thorough work,” he said.

He used to own numerous styles but donated them to good causes. He currently has 5 pairs of spectacles and 6 pairs of sunglasses.

FRAMES / Orgreen
LENSES / Nikon Emblematic with Seecoat Blue Premium in a Transitions Brown

“I love the feel of my Orgreen frames due to the high quality titanium and lightweight distribution; it fits me like a glove. The Nikon progressive lens design is easy on my eyes as I am anisometropic.”


Alan Ng, OD

Alan is an optometrist who has been practicing for about two and a half years. “I became more familiar with the optical industry through working with experienced opticians in the field,” he said.

He owns 3 pairs of spectacles and 2 pairs of sunglasses.

FRAMES / Matsuda
LENSES / Jena HD Trivex from a local Ontario Lab

“I particularly enjoy wearing this frame due to its superb craftsmanship and high quality material. The frame is suitable for young doctors and is appropriate for many professional settings.”