By Deirdre Carroll: Senior Editor


 D’Aversa and daughter in their Eye Make
a Difference campaign image for Marchon.
Like many great projects, the inspiration for Marchon’s Eye Make a Difference campaign was born from people just sitting around throwing ideas off each other. “Claudio [Gottardi, Marchon’s president and CEO] and I were brainstorming,” said Mark Ginsberg, Marchon’s senior vice president of global marketing. “We were tired of the same old ideas. We wanted a new marketing campaign that would be socially relevant and more responsible and that tied into a greater move on Marchon’s part to increase our social purpose initiatives.”

The Eye Make a Difference campaign became a perfect example of how any established company can begin to raise its social responsibility profile. “Part of the Marchon DNA has always been philanthropy but we’ve never told that story until now and the best fit was to tie it to our Marchon branded product,” he added.

The advertising campaign was developed around the Marchon core collection and features everyday people wearing various styles. Their images are used on posters, counter cards and other P.O.P. materials available to optical dispensers who carry the company’s house brand.

But these aren’t just regular people. They are real people doing extraordinary things through charitable groups or personal organizations and Marchon is trying to help them spread their message.

“We wanted to raise the profile of lesser known charities and showcase everyday people, the ones who wear the product, who are doing extraordinary things. In lieu of hiring models and paying their fees we are making donations to their charities and giving them a platform to tell their stories,” explained Ginsberg.

Since being established in early 2011, Marchon has recognized Michael Wenger of Open Action, Shay Kelley of Project 50/50 and most recently, Dr. Gerard D’Aversa and his daughter, Jaclyn, of Unite for Sight, all of which have made a direct difference in people’s lives. In addition, Marchon has donated $10,000 to their charity. Those recognized in the Eye Make a Difference campaign are on the smaller scale and the $10,000 can make a significant impact to their cause.

Also fronting the Eye Make a Difference campaign in Europe are Mariella Carimini and Silvia Gottardi of Donne al Volante (Women at the Wheel) from Italy, the first charity from abroad being recognized by the company.

But Marchon has no plans to stop there. On, the company asks visitors if they are, or know, someone who is making a difference. Nominations are accepted through the site and those suggested might just become the future face of the Eye Make a Difference campaign. Those chosen not only get to bring more awareness to their cause but Marchon provides them with a monetary donation to support their endeavor.