PADUA, Italy—Safilo Group has announced an exclusive eyewear collection of six optical and three sun styles created by renowned designer, Marcel Wanders.

Marcel Wanders’ sophisticated designs blend with Safilo’s premium quality and know-how, to shape an original, stylish and cool eyewear collection where the themes of dreaming, magic and inner beauty are articulated through comfortable and ultra-lightweight materials and high-tech details, the company said.

“I want to make you wonder and bring a little excitement to your day,” said Marcel Wanders. “On the inside of the glasses we created delicate artwork as a reflection of our most beautiful self.”

Designed for men and women, the collection of comfortable and lightweight metal frames features intricate artwork of Marcel Wanders engraved on the interiror of the frames. Marcel Wanders has developed a feminine pattern featuring floral motifs created by rounded and meandering lines for the collection’s women frames and a geometric design for the collection’s unisex models. The engraved metal intertior is available in gold, champagne, gun or chrome.

“Marcel Wanders’ creativity brings Safilo’s historical product design leadership to life with an inquisitive touch on the present day,” said Luisa Delgado, CEO of Safilo Group. “The result is an invitation to explore, with your eyes, the wonders of sensitivity and technique.”

Dispenser Price Guide: $$$$