Signet Debuts Kodak Unique DRO Progressive Lenses

CARLSBAD, Calif.—Signet Armorlite is expanding its Kodak Lens Professional Series with the addition of Kodak Unique DRO Progressive Lenses. The lenses are designed to provide sharp vision at all distances while optimizing the reading zone to support prolonged viewing of mobile devices.

Kodak Unique DRO Progressive Lens builds upon the features and benefits of Kodak Unique Lens including a full backside progressive lens design, Vision First Design, i-Sync, six corridor lengths and availability in more than 60 materials. To accommodate the increased use of the reading area for mobile devices, Kodak Unique DRO Lens introduces Dynamic Reading Optimization (DRO), a technology that improves the overall optical performance of the lens while significantly reducing oblique astigmatic errors in the reading area.

When compared to the Kodak Unique Lens, Kodak Unique DRO Lens increases the effective reading area an average of 17 percent and decreases total oblique astigmatic errors in the reading zone an average of 54 percent. Kodak Unique DRO Progressive Lens allows the eyes to comfortably focus in the reading area for longer periods of time.

Kodak Unique DRO HD (High-Definition) Progressive Lens is also available.