Upbeat Mood Matches Trends at Paris' Silmo


PARIS—Silmo 2013 provided a spectacle of inspirational eyewear trends. New labels from across the globe—from London to Hong Kong and Australia—exhibited next to some of the finest brands in the business, serving up an array of craft trends, high-tech innovations and color-infused fashion-focused designs.

On exhibit were new tonal combos, a clear direction toward slim proportions in eyewear, decoration with a modern twist on art deco and a vast array of styles using cutting-edge materials.

Plus, eyewear for the young clubbing crowd made big statements with exotic mirrored lenses.

– Clodagh Norton, Contributing Editor

Dramatic booth displays are a Silmo signature. Some noteworthy images here, including the new Moncler eyewear stand, oversized cartoonlike illustrations, reflective and techno images.

Also, in the midst were many folks representing U.S. based firms, among these, shown below, are: L’Amy America’s Connie Reiss, Kenmark’s David Duralde and Mike Cundiff, REM Eyewear’s Steve Horowitz, Donna Gindy and Nicolas Roseillier, and OGI’s Rob Rich, Joe Tallier and Dan Lieberman.