SAN DIEGO—Zeiss is releasing EnergizeMe lenses which feature a special design adapted to the vision patterns of contact lens wearers who are used to eye movements rather than head movements when wearing contacts. It offers wide, clear viewing zones and more comfortable vision after contact lens wear, according to Zeiss.

Zeiss EnergizeMe lenses combine this lens design with Zeiss’ Digital Inside Technology, which optimizes the design for reading distances of both print media (at 38 cm) and digital devices (at 35 cm) to avoid further eye strain. Zeiss adds DuraVision BlueProtect coating to reduce the transmission of harmful blue light emitted from digital screens and artificial lighting, cut glare and prevent digital eye strain.

EnergizeMe Single Vision Lenses are for patients in their 20s and early 30s (+ 0.40 D power boost); EnergizeMe Digital Lenses are for patients in their 30s and early 40s (+ 0.65 D power boost), and EnergizeMe Progressive Lenses are for patients aged 40 and older (+0.75 to + 4.00 D power boost).