Caroline Abram

Caroline Abram uses diverse materials such as resin, silver, wood and semiprecious stones in her collections which showcase flattering, feminine, unique designs. Caroline Abram’s collections of eyewear appeal to all women who want to feel beautiful, sensual or just themselves.



Bright Eyes Vision 

Hartsville, Pennsylvania 
Heather Miller, OD

“Caroline frames flatter women of all ages, who want to have something that is different.” 

What are you selling? 
When we opened our practice in 2015 we made the decision we wanted to have not only the latest in technology, but also unique and stylish frames. With that in mind, we went to Vision Expo East to look for different manufacturers. We had just spent the last dollar of what we budgeted for frames, when we passed a booth which drew us in by the colorful and unique shaped frames. It was Caroline Abram’s booth. We fell instantly in love with her frames and her story. To make it complete, Caroline often works with her mother, and we are a daughter-mother practice.

Who’s buying it?
Caroline Abram frames are really for those women who realize that the first thing people see is your face. These people realize the importance of having a frame that frames your face in the most flattering way is instrumental to making a good first impression.

Why do they like it?
People of all ages are buying this line. Our patients love the cat eye styling a lot because it is “like an instant face lift.” In a lot of cases, patients are not necessarily willing to try them on or want to try them on, but with a bit of encouragement they put them on and are changed. Their response is often “I never would have picked it, but I love them.” Wearing them ourselves is the best way we merchandised this collection. We have both Caroline’s sunglasses as well as her optical frames. We are often asked about them.

Website: www.brighteyes2020.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/brighteyesvision
Instagram: @bright_eyes_vision

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