Plein Les Mirettes

Plein Les Mirettes (PLM) collection, born in 2012 from the French designer, Christophe Morcamp, presents evocative frames. Heritage mixes with futuristic details to delight women of all ages. Plein Les Mirettes offers unique and timeless design with bright colors, flattering shapes and quality-oriented design.


Style Eyes Optical

Brooklyn, New York
Margie Toney, Owner

“Bright and fun, whimsical and edgy, the entire line is not generic, yet still appeals to the masses. It’s a huge collection and the styles I’ve taken in are really doing well.”

What are you selling?
The collection I most recently brought in, and fell in love with, is Plein Les Mirettes from France. I wanted something different, with a style and sophistication that you can’t find in this area—and it certainly did not disappoint.

Who’s buying it?
The consumer it speaks to is one who does not want to be a part of the status quo. Someone who understands that a person’s eyewear is the first thing people see. This customer knows that it’s okay to have a few pairs of eye glasses, and that their eyeglasses are an extension of themselves. It’s this person who makes me love what I do—a risk-taker if you will. They know what they want and they go after it every time.

Why do they like it?
I think they are responding to it so positively because it’s colorful, fun, well-made, and not available at every shop. I think people really desire something different, and Plein Les Mirettes delivers just that. Plus, I light up when selling it, and they seem to pick up on my infectious energy. It’s 2019, therefore social media is the forefront of our business. Accordingly, we’ve been publicizing the collection on Instagram, Facebook, etc. Plein Les Mirettes is very hands on with digital marketing, which has been fantastic.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/StyleEyeOptical
Instagram: @styleeyesoptical

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