Walk the Line


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WHO: For those who value subtlety, those who know the devil is in the details, and those who enjoy slowing down to take a closer look.

WHAT: Ultra-thin metal designs that warrant a second—and third, and fourth—look.

WEAR: (Top to Bottom) From Mykita Studio, Studio 6.4, style 1508472, shows off how thin metal can make a big statement. Made of lightweight stainless steel and featuring Mykita’s patented spiral hinge, these frames feature a double brow bar detail and etched lines that follow the exact contour of the frame. From Morel’s Lightec collection, men’s style 30159L-DN12 is a classic aviator style crafted from ultra-thin metal. With such a thin construction, the frame’s tapered transition into semi-rimless is seamless. Finally, from Modo’s Derek Lam, style 294 is a bold geometric shape made more accessible by its thin, understated construction. Sharp edges and bold temples show off attention to detail, and the unconventional shape is made for brave wearers.

WHY: Bold and bright isn’t for everyone, but there’s something about the beauty and subtlety in a thin, well-crafted metal that can appeal to any palate. These understated, linear styles show off a quieter side of the eyewear industry, but check all the right boxes for even the loudest personalities.