What Are You Wearing?: Oxford Eyes, Orlando, Florida


Lisa Sarles, Eyewear Specialist

Lisa has been working in the optical industry for 17 years. She first applied for a job at the front desk of a doctor’s office, but, after interviewing with the optical manager, she was pulled into the optical department and hired full time.

She owns over 30 pairs of glasses and 10 pairs of sunglasses. She likes to have a selection to match her outfits, as it helps her promote the brands Oxford Eyes carries.

FRAMES / LaFont Tiphaine in orange and brown

LENSES / Varilux X Progressive, Poly carb material, Crizal Sapphire UV Transitions

“I love a cat eye look and the color goes so well with my hair! It’s so natural and the shape makes it stand out.”

Debora Ramirez, Optical Manager

Debora has been working in the optical field for over 35 years. She started out doing deliveries for a wholesale optical laboratory and within three years she was doing all the final inspection for the surface department.

She owns 15 pairs of glasses and 12 pairs of sunglasses.

FRAMES / OGI Serephin 8903 in gold and clear

LENSES / Varilux X Fit

“I love the unique style and color of the frame and the Varilux X Fit is a phenomenal progressive design.”

Michelle Williamson, Optician

Michelle started working in the optical industry 36 years ago after her mom’s friend, an optician, suggested the job.

She owns 20 pairs of glasses and 6 pairs of sunglasses.

FRAMES / OGI Bon Vivont in burgundy

LENSES / Varilux X, Transitions and Crizal Anti-glare

“I love the shape and color which is very vibrant looking.”

Verbelee Nielsen-Swanson, Founder and Owner

Verbelee has worked in the optical industry for 18 months. She has worn glasses since the fifth grade, and opened Oxford Eyes after retiring as a health care executive and deciding to continue working with her favorite optical team.

She owns 17 pairs of glasses and seven pairs of sunglasses.

FRAMES / Nannini Clara in 906t red

LENSES / Varilux X Progressive, Polycarb, Transitions Xtra Active Grey, Crizal Sapphire Anti-Glare

“My first glasses were cat eyes and I still gravitate to the sassy shape; I love the boldness of the red, and the detailing. The glasses were presented as sunglasses and I had to have them, but thought they would be so much fun as eyewear. The Transitions Xtra Active gray is perfect for indoor wear and transitions to outdoor.”

Diane Jungferman, Lab Technician

Diane has been working in the optical industry for 43 years. She started after a neighbor told her that Eckerd Optical was hiring.

She owns two pairs of glasses and one pair of sunglasses.

FRAMES / Lindberg T612 in P25 blue

LENSES / Varilux X Fit Transitions

“The glasses are lightweight and very comfortable.”