High-Tech Tutors



Multiple vendors offer electronic health records (EHR) systems, or separate components designed to interface with and augment EHR systems, that can assist eyecare practitioners in satisfying the patient education requirements under Meaningful Use (note: not all are Stage 2 certified providers). Vision Monday asked them to share unique features and benefits of their technology. Here’s how they responded:

Patient Engagement Systems
4PatientCare. A comprehensive patient communications tool, 4PatientCare offers customizable outreach options, enabling communication via email, text, phone or U.S. mail, as well as the creation of virtual patient profiles. ECPs can tailor their educational and marketing messages based on the needs of individual patients. www.4PatientCare.com.

Demandforce by Intuit. Primarily a marketing and communications tool, Demandforce connects with an eyecare practice’s existing practice management software and/or EHR system. It offers a template library of patient e-newsletters offering educational information. www.demandforce.com/.

Solutionreach. A provider-led, cloud-based patient relationship management platform, Solutionreach integrates with an eyecare practice’s existing practice management software system to manage targeted patient outreach. The platform includes a patient education component that allows users to develop practice e-newsletters with educational information. www.solutionreach.com/.

Patient Education Systems
Echo by Eyemagination. Users can disseminate targeted educational information to patients before, during and after their eye exam, and patients can access resources—including videos and tutorials—from practices using Echo via their home computer as well as mobile devices, through the patient portal. www.eyemaginations.com/echo.

iOcutouch. iOcutouch includes educational videos and still images, which patients can view in the waiting room, with an iPad- or iPad Mini-dedicated monitor. ECPs can use the app to advise patients with draw-on-screen capability. The app also explains benefits of various lens types and features. www.ocutouch.com.

EHR Systems
Acuitas activEHR by Ocuco. A comprehensive EHR system that offers practice management and communication tools, activEHR was developed by specialists with more than 25 years of experience. The marketing and communication components are fully customizable and include patient education tools. www.ocuco.us/index.html.

Eyecare Advantage by Compulink. Users have access to an unlimited number of educational resources, including websites, videos and documents that can be delivered during the office visit or via the patient portal, which can be tracked for Meaningful Use. The system also offers VueCare’s VueSimulator animation, graphic and video technology to demonstrate ocular conditions and treatments. www.compulinkadvantage.com/optometry/overview/.

Eyefinity EHR. Eyefinity allows doctors to identify patient-specific educational resources during the exam based on the diagnosis and treatment plan. Patients have access to these resources via the system’s online patient portal, and they can view, download and share their eye health information with other health care providers. www.eyefinity.com.

ManagementPlus. ManagementPlus has partnered with a number of vendors to assist users in addressing Meaningful Use, including Eyemaginations, with its Luma patient education software system, and LDM Group, a part of the Physicians Desk Reference group, which develops guides to help health care professionals educate patients and which ManagementPlus has worked with to develop these materials for ECPs. www.managementplus.com/.

MaximEyes by First Insight. Users have direct access to patient education resources from MedlinePlus. MaximEyes also offers several pre-loaded, customizable documents describing various ocular conditions and treatments. Through an E-Prescribing partnership with Rcopia by DrFirst, the system also provides educational materials from within the Patient Advisor toolbar. www.first-insight.com.

My Vision Express. Both an EHR and practice management software system, the patient portal provides patients with a variety of resources and information that are customizable to fit an individual practices’ needs, including MedlinePlus. Patients can communicate with the practice via text, email or voice. My Vision Express also interfaces with patient engagement providers (such as 4PatientCare and Demandforce) and patient education providers (such as Eyemaginations and VueCare Media). www.myvisionexpress.com.

Practice Director by The Williams Group. A fully integrated practice management and EHR system, the platform includes a dispensary management system that provides educational materials on spectacle and contact lenses. The interface is designed to be user-friendly and provide patients with vital information on their vision care in a caring and compassionate way. www.practicedirector.com/.

RevolutionEHR. Users can create education-related alerts for access during patient exams that describe medications, allergies, diagnoses, procedures and a host of other information. Revolution also offers a secure patient messaging system (RevolutionPHR, Personal Health Record) that enables ECPs to provide patients with resources from MedlinePlus. www.revolutionehr.com/.

Uprise by VisionWeb. With one entry during annotation, Uprise automatically populates diagnosis, treatment, orders, special testing and education messaging for individual patients within its EHR system, as part of its clinical decision support program. The system promises “smart workflow.” www.startyouruprise.com/ehr.