A New Pearle Campaign Reinforces ‘Trust’ and Importance of Personal Connection


This notion of small moments and personal connections is also articulated in our latest
marketing campaign titled “Ben’s Glasses.” The full-length spot which has gone
viral with more than 3 million views on Facebook, starts running on national TV this week.

MASON, Ohio—Amid the uncertainties of the last year, Americans’ perceptions of trust took a hit. Pearle Vision one of North America’s largest optical retail brands, explored the idea via a new national poll which examines the role of trust, reflecting the importance of personal connections to help establish and maintain trust.

Noting that doctors are among the most trusted authorities among Americans, Pearle is launching a new national campaign this week, incorporating a dramatic new story about a boy and his family, a social media campaign about it which has already gone viral, and the involvement of a life coach, to underscore the message.

Pearle Vision is teaming up with Stefani Ziev, life coach and contributor to NBC’s “Today” show, to help underscore the value trust has in virtually all interactions. Ziev believes that personal connection and trust are critical to important decisions—especially those regarding consumer health.

“Trust is harder to cultivate than it used to be,” said Ziev. “It takes a series of important steps to build deep, meaningful trust which is incredibly valuable in our world of uncertainty.”

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In the survey, Americans also shared that they find personal connections most important in establishing trust, including with their doctor. The respondents noted the most important aspects of a doctor visit, including the doctor explaining the diagnosis thoroughly, listening to patient concerns and answering questions in a way that they understand.

“At Pearle Vision, our ODs and opticians know that from the exam room to the retail floor, the key to earning a person’s trust is about finding small moments to show we care about the person behind the eyes,” said Doug Zarkin, chief marketing officer at Pearle Vision. “In today’s environment especially, we are proud to build connections and are focused on building trust every day,” he added, citing the vision at Pearle since its founding in 1961 by Dr. Stanley Pearle.

In a new spot, “Ben’s Glasses,” a boy and his family have exposure to such an experience. The commercial is the first installment of the brand’s “Small Moments” platform, Zarkin told CLICK. “With this spot we reintroduce the brand’s iconic tagline, ‘Nobody cares for eyes more than Pearle.’ The tagline embodies the leadership position Pearle Vision assumes related to delivering amazing patient experiences from the exam lane to the retail floor.”

The 30-second version of the ad just launched nationally last Sunday across major network TV and regional cable as well as via online video across the web. Prior to the broader national launch, the ad was previewed on Hulu.

The long form 73-second story of “Ben’s Glasses” launched on Facebook via social media influencers last month which generated over six million views and nearly 100,000 shares across Facebook and Twitter. The spot has reached “viral” status and has been featured by AdWeek, Good Housekeeping and The Huffington Post.

Zarkin added, “The new campaign showcases the way in which trust is built through small moments of care, taking the time to listen to a patient and asking questions. The survey results confirmed what doctor quality meant and the value to patients. We gained a better understand of what trusting your doctor means to a patient.

“Pearle Vision will continue to use this information to shape our brand and our marketing, but it will also shape the neighborhood eyecare center experience. The value of small moments and how to bring the concept to life in our eyecare centers will be part of our training with ODs and employees. Building trust and caring for people, this is the heart of Pearle Vision’s position in the market and what makes the brand a leader in the category.”