NEW YORK—According to Google, Google Ads are the best way to get a steady supply of new customers for every business. The experts at EyeCarePro are going to share their perspective on this important topic in a new webinar that can help ECPs better understand what Google ads can and can’t do for their practice. The webinar, PowerUp 2021, is being hosted this week by EyeCarePro and Review of Optometric Business. It will also be made available for on-demand viewing by March 3, the company told CLICK.

EyeCarePro’s CEO Daniel Rostenne and Jeff Magaha, senior digital marketing analyst will discuss a range of optics along with Dr Josiah Young of Opticare Vision. Those will include:

• What does it take for a practice to run their own Google Ads?
• Google Ad spend and return-on-investment (ROI)—what should I expect for either?
• Does Google Ads work for specialty services like myopia management, vision therapy and the like?
• Clicks, calls, conversions—how should Google Ad results be measured?

EyeCarePro is an industry leader in marketing for eyecare. With over 2,000 ODs across the U.S. and Canada, the company continuously develops advanced marketing strategies customized to fit the needs of every kind of practice, from single-doctor community practices to multi-location urban groups.