How Google Trends Can Work for You


ROCKVILLE, Md.—A remarkable tool awaits inside of Google if you can figure out how to use it to your advantage. Google Trends digs down and provides information around the search terms people have been entering into the Google search engine.

Google Trends provides a visual representation of regional interest on a country's map. It displays top searches and rising searches that may help determine what words people are typing into the search bar to find the products and services you want to be found for. It can also help determine what "order" the terms are typed in.

For instance, if you are an optometrist in Louisville, Kentucky, if more Louisvillians (was just waiting for a chance to use that!) are searching for "optometrist Louisville Kentucky" or "Louisville Kentucky optometrist." This is information crucial to any campaign to get found easier in Google.

With Google Trends you can determine what the best advertising message is. For instance, let's say an optical owner wanted to run an ad in Google but wasn't sure what the best text would be to attract clicks—the words 'HD lenses', 'progressives' or 'super thin.' By using the Trends tool, you can see how many people search these terms before and decide what to put in your ad, as well as even get information on different terms to consider and/or test advertise

Another feature is Google's ability to drive business based on the season. As you know we have some very strong trends in our industry based on what season we are in. Flex spending in winter, Back-to-School in late summer, allergies in the spring, and so on. By using Trends you can get ahead on planning your social media marketing by season, identify which seasons more people search for eyecare or eyewear and a myriad other topics. When you see a trend for, let's say "eye exam" searches, in November, you know to ramp up your online marketing efforts early in October to maximize your exposure. Slow seasons may be seasons where you decide to save money on your online marketing budget. You get the drift...

Other benefits of the technology include competitive intelligence. There are many ways to use Trends to size up the competition's online advertising/marketing efforts and glean comparative data. A very important aspect is the benefit of using Trends to assess a new market you might be thinking of entering before you open a new business or expand. There are many more useful features you will find when you explore this useful tool!


Alan Glazier, OD, FAAO is founder of Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care, located in the Rockville, MD suburbs of Washington, DC. Dr. Glazier is a frequent lecturer and author on eye care marketing and clinical topics. The founder of ODs on Facebook, the industries most engaged social media group, Glazier is also a VM/ROB Optometric Business Innovator and VM D.A.R.E. award winner. He is co-founder of the virtual conferences SEEingIsBelieving and CEingIsBelieving and founder of, a free industry dashboard connecting users to the major eye care websites, blogs and social media sites they might want to visit from one bookmarkable homepage. Connect with Dr. Glazier on Facebook, on Twitter @EyeInfo or by email at