RightEye's New Reading & Learning Guide Helps ODs Bring Visual Learning Assessments Into Their Practices


BETHESDA, Md.—A new Reading & Learning Guide from RightEye offers tips on different ways that optometrists can expand their service offering with minimal investment—and help their patients discover the love of learning through improved reading comprehension. The guide also provides sample revenue models designed to help optometrists understand the business potential for integrating visual learning and reading assessments into their practice.

“Vision-related reading and learning disabilities affect 25 percent of students. Sadly, many go undiagnosed, or worse, get misdiagnosed with complex cognitive disorders and are treated with drugs, when a simple eye tracking test would have uncovered the real issue,” said Barbara Barclay, president of RightEye.

“All students should be provided with access to tools to help them succeed in the classroom, and thus, RightEye is on a mission to help ODs understand the immense benefits afforded by integrating reading assessments into their practices.”

RightEye offers solutions designed to make assessing patients for eye-movement behavior issues with automated objective eye-tracking tests. RightEye testing provides doctors with a comprehensive, easy-to-read report that covers numerous facets of the patient’s vision and potential issues, helping them to prescribe an appropriate therapy for correcting problems and maximizing visual performance.

The guide can be downloaded here.