Product: MP-eye by Azul Optics
Top Line: One-minute test allows eyecare practices to assess and track patients' macular pigment density over time. The test results provide quantitative evidence to support your conversation with patients about products and lifestyle choices to help maintain healthy vision and prevent leading cause of sight loss (ARMD).
Close Up: Post COVID, patients are asking ECPs about blue light and are more concerned about their eye health. Practices can now test every patient to identify who needs protective products they already sell, like sunglasses, photochromics, blue filtering lenses and eye vitamins.
MP-eye users find that patients that score low on the test are more likely to take positive actions towards protecting their sight like purchasing products or improving their diet and quitting smoking. Dr Susan Keene, an early adopter of the MP-eye, commented, “I have been very impressed with accuracy, performance and the shortened test time is a huge plus! My plan is to replace all of my other existing MPOD devices with this technology.”
Tanya Bloom, a long-term user, said: “The MP-eye provides a vital metric to identify patients at risk for macular degeneration. I highly recommend it to all clinics that want to aid patients in taking a more practice role in their eye health.”
Vital Stats: MP-eye is available through Vision Elements