SAN DIEGO— Shamir Insight, Inc. has announced the launch of their newest measurement device, Spark Mi. According to the company, the Spark Mi looks and acts like an ordinary tabletop mirror, but is actually an advanced new measuring device that allows ECPs to take all required measurements in one click for clear and most dark lenses.

With Spark Mi, the patient looks in the mirror wearing their chosen glasses. The optician clicks once and the patient’s image is captured. The image appears on the optician’s computer screen, along with an immediate and accurate, automatically measured PD. The optician can now receive other measurements needed from the computer including FH, frame box, DBL, Vertex, panoramic and pantoscopic tilt. Spark Mi offers patients greater comfort and a hi-tech experience, while it saves the optician time and guarantees precision, the company said. For added convenience, a USB cord is included with the Spark Mi to hook up the device to the ECP’s computer.

“The Spark Mi is yet another innovation from Shamir designed to drive practice efficiency and patient engagement,” said Mark Becker, VP marketing and strategic partnerships. “We are excited to bring this new offering to Shamir customers to help them grow their practice, save time and create a better patient experience."