Product: 54R Spin Coater
Top Line: Ultra Optics is introducing the 54R, a fully-automated spin coating machines that it describes as “smarter, faster and smaller” than competitors.
Close Up: Ultra Optics was the first to bring automation to the back side spin coating process with the introduction of the 44R at Vision Expo five years ago. Since then, the 44R has been a workhorse in many of the leading labs throughout the U.S. as well as internationally.
Vital Stats:
• Smarter – Ultra Optics looked hard at every process within the spin coating operation and looked for ways to improve it. The dual-coating 54R will pull information from the lab’s LMS and leverage it to optimize the process for every single job. The 54R is capable of modifying the coating process on each and every job to optimize the end result for the lab and the patient.  This smarter way of coating a lens will give our customers higher quality with less breakage, as well as reduced utility costs.
• Faster – the process flow was reimagined, along with optimizing each of the individual processes allowed increasing the throughput by over 40 percent, making it, by far, the highest throughput of any spin coating machine in the market. Such a large increase is going to allow customers to reduce the number of machines required for their lab. This reduction is not only a significant cost savings, but it is also a significant space savings.
• Smaller – As labs continue to utilize more advanced automation, that usually requires more space. The space saved by utilizing the 54R can be used for further automation of other processes. Even though the throughput of the machine was increased by over 40 percent, the footprint of the machine was reduced by nearly 30 percent. The increase in throughput combined with the reduction in footprint combine to increase the throughput per square foot by nearly double that of the 44R.; (800) 365-9993; (763) 488-6030;